NBA — 02 June 2014
Knicks Fined $25,000 For Phil Jackson’s Tampering with Derek Fisher

The Phil Jackson era in New York has gotten off to a tremendous start. He has already struck out on landing Steve Kerr as head coach, and now he’s in trouble regarding his courting of Derek Fisher. The problem with the latter is that Fisher, of course, is still an active player for the Thunder and that’s against NBA rules.

What in the world is Phil’s obsession with coaches who have never coached? He’s dead set on hiring a guy with zero coaching experience even thought New York doesn’t lend itself to on the job training that well.

Phil has been fined $25,000 by the league for tampering with Derek Fisher.

The New York Knicks have been fined $25,000 for tampering because of team President Phil Jackson’s comments about Oklahoma City Thunder guard and potential coaching candidate Derek Fisher, NBA spokesman Tim Frank confirmed Monday.

“The last two summers, Derek and I have talked about the next step in his career,” Jackson said, according to Newsday. “So I kind of know what he wants to do, and his feelings. He’s got family in L.A. He’s got little kids still in L.A. I have no idea if he wants to move his family and come here. Those are things that he would have to express. There are so many unknowns.”

H/T: USA Today


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