NBA — 15 May 2014
Wizards’ Marcin Gortat: “Unfortunately” Game 6 is at Home

For whatever reason, the Washington Wizards don’t show up at home. In this second round series versus the Pacers, the Wiz look like they’d rather play in Indy. While on the road, they seem more energized and have played their best ball. When they get back to the Verizon Center, they do things like score 63 points in a game and squander a 19-point, third quarter lead. It’s both baffling and frustrating to watch.

Marcin Gortat feels the same way,m apparently. In a recent interview with CSN Washington, Gortat expressed his disappointment with having to play game 6 at home. What a great mentality heading into tonight’s game.

“I’m glad I was part of that team that won today and dominated, but again, we can’t get excited,” Gortat said. “We can’t get excited. We gotta do the same thing in D.C. it’s not gonna be easy. It sounds crazy, but unfortunately we gonna play at home. And everybody knows how we play at home. So it’s gonna be tough, but we gotta win it.”

I’m sure Wizards fans love hearing this.

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