NBA — 14 May 2014
Steve Kerr Turns Down Knicks, Will Coach Warriors

For several weeks now, it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Steve Kerr would be the next Knicks head coach. Phil Jackson has reportedly been head over heels in love with the prospect of Kerr coaching in New York. But the mystery has always been why. Why was Kerr so coveted all of a sudden? Why this year as opposed to last year, or the year before? We’ll never know.

Kerr, who had multiple coaching offers for some reason, has decided to accept the Warriors coaching gig. It makes sense from his perspective. The Warriors have a much better roster and they are a piece away from winning now. The Knicks may be staring at a rebuild in the immediate future.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!, Kerr will make $5M per year. Not too shabby for a guy who has provided absolutely no reason for us to think he is fit for the job he was just so highly sought after for. None. Strange.

This may actually be a blessing in disguise for the Knicks because Kerr’s disposition doesn’t scream, “I’ll succeed in New York.” But as for Phil Jackson, he’s 0-for-1 in his new gig. Not sure who he has on deck but why not Mark Jackson?


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