NBA — 20 May 2014
Pic: Did the Warriors Make Steve Kerr Fly Commercial to His Introductory Presser?

In very short order, Steve Kerr will officially be introduced as the next head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Now, I’m not sure of the typical protocol for a new coach arriving in his new city, but I would’ve bet money that he traveled somewhat exclusively via his new team.

Apparently that’s not the case for Kerr today, who just arrived in California a little while ago.

Did he fly commercial? Is he carrying is how bags? And did he have to find his driver? What did they do, email him a JetBlue itinerary?

Well, they owe him $25 million, so I guess they had to cut cost somewhere. What a warm welcome. If this is how coaches typically travel to be introduced, I’m not sure posting pics on Twitter is the way to go.



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  1. What a stupid article. The man flew first class, not in steerage.

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