NFL — 10 May 2014
Michael Sam Celebrates with Boyfriend After Being Drafted By Rams

The St. Louis Rams drafted Michael Sam in the 7th round, making him the first openly gay NFL player (assuming he makes the roster).

ESPN cut to Sam at home who was celebrating with loved ones. One of which happened to be his boyfriend.

Do you have a problem with ESPN showing Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend?

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  1. sickening……why espn left it on to see them kiss is unreal to me…..society has gone just wrong!

    • Get a room

    • I agree! Sickening regardless of the race, socioeconomic or gender, homosexuality is perverse.

  2. The thing that bothers me is not that Michael Sam s gay or that he kissed another man on national TV…it is media and others who want to force the acceptance of this behavior and lifestyle upon the rest of us. Had Michael Sa kissed a girl on national TV and someone had made a comment of personal dislike and called the kiss sickening or horrible…..the rest of the media, the nation and the NFL would never have even thought twice or mentioned the comment. But, because Michael Sam is homosexual the comment is polarized as ‘unacceptable’, ‘evil’, ‘narrow minded’, and discriminating. The true discrimination is not the comment made by another NFL player describing his personal distaste of two male lovers kissing; it is the idea that his ‘right to free speech is condemned and denied (because this kiss was nationally televised and is somehow considered normal) and his personal right to express his distaste must be silenced and he must accept this behavior as such. “The Dolphins and NFL aren’t going to mess around with this type of thing. Jones was fined and suspended from all team activities until he completes educational training for his Twitter comments.” This is not China, wake up America, the idea that Jones must be re-educated and or remain silent is in itself a horrible misconception of morality and Christian values. It is a gross violation of the right to free speech and the right to exercise religious freedom. Say what you will, but the actions do not justify the crime. The true crime is the actions taken by the Dolphins and the NFL against Jones.

  3. My kid was watching. Terrible thing to explain

  4. I think that Michael Sam missed a great opportunity to show that gender preference and sexuality is not an issue. Instead, he turned his selection into a show of same sex gender preference. I did not see the same sort of display from heterosexual players. Their focus was simply being chosen as an NFL potential. His seems to be about making a same gender sexual statement.

    • _ I did not see the same sort of display from heterosexual players. Their focus was simply being chosen as an NFL potential. His seems to be about making a same gender sexual statement_

      This must have been your first time watching the draft? It would have to be with a quote like that. But this is a pic on google. images …Granted, it’s not from this year’s draft, but it was two years ago. . .

      If the link doesn’t work, just search “kiss girlfriend draft” and that should get you to the appropriated shot.

      Lastly, the main idea here or the re-education that needs to take place is to first STOP the panzy behavior. Normally “hard” dudes are _appalled_ and veclempt bc two dudes kissed.? Really ? So in football we can pat each other on the ass share a hug, .but none of that gay S**t? Up to,, but not including a kiss…?? That’s some seriously schizophrenic logic . good luck with that fellas..

      I can completely understand how the sight might be jarring to some bc it’s so uncommon. But to try to tell him (or me) how to live cause YOU are uncomfortable is quite the D**K move . . . He mentions his sexuality NOT TO FOCUS on it, but so that when he looks himself in the mirror it’s in full HONESTY; knowing he has nothing to hide. It’s usually uneducated narrow minded people who can’t grasp the “live and let live” philosophy…
      Plus when “my people” show their phobia with pride, they seem less than intelligent by not seeing that these arguments are the same made during the 50s and 60s. against Afr-Americans…(Please don’t disagree, unless you are BOTH black and gay thereby having a frame of ref to do so)
      And It’s not a lifestyle, it’s his L I F E. Yachting or riding Harley’s is an example of a lifestyle. Just remain quiet and let him “do him” . .#GAUCHEBAG

  5. I think that Michael Sam missed a great opportunity to make a statement that same gender sexual relationship is a non-issue. Instead, he and his boyfriend acted in a manner that showed his being drafted was more about their sexuality than his opportunity to play football in the NFL. I did not see anything like his demonstration, or anything like his Tweet, from heterosexual players who,were drafted. If his journey to St Louis is going to be about same sex gender sexual preference instead of what it takes to play aat the NFL level, his being drafted will be great disappointment.

  6. I guess if I say anything I am subject to “re-education”

  7. Boy the sports world is taking the lead from the underworld in leading this society to moral degradation – the
    NBA chastises an owner for private, albeit demeaning, comments made but I takes no issue with the same man’s adulterous and disrespectful behaviors towards his marital vows now we have to be blindsided by a display of perverse homosexual acts! Wow!

    I agree with Duncan’s sickening comments.

    In regards to the recent NBA issue you know times are perilous when the likes of Michael Jordan are voices of condemnation for someone else’s immoral behaviors.

  8. The NFL league should adopt the rules that was approved for our national defense, ” Don’t ask and Don’t tell”!

  9. Lol at these comments. Literally none of them is accurate or justifiable. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is no longer our policy (and that was a Clinton-era idea, anyway, bud), it was not Michael Sam who made this about his sexuality it was the media outlets and the people who can’t handle seeing two excited people regardless of their sexuality, and it shouldn’t be any harder to explain a gay kiss than a straight kiss, Julio. You must have some communication issues with your children.

  10. WOW…maybe it’s all the hits to the head, but guys can’t see how it looks from the outside to see GROWN-ASS men playing ‘grab-ass’ on the field in lycra pants!!

    If you make a good play, it’s totally ok for me to pat your ass…

    If we win that BIG game, I can jump into your arms, wrap my legs around you and we proceed to “hug it out” …

    But two guys kiss and these same guys all of a sudden become people from whom we should take advice about how to handle sensitive situations? – tht’s laughable!

    The most glaring irony is that so many who hold these ideas are black and can’t see that the very same things were said about black players (before it was realized that so much money could be made off them).

    It’s not about people “accepting” gay people – It’s more about letting people who are different than you live his/her life. Without you feeling as if your rights or your life have been infringed upon…

    We can’t all be geniuses, but if you happen to be one of the “basic” / people; don’t chime in and let everyone know who you are!

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