NFL — 22 May 2014
Marshawn Lynch Wasn’t at the White House With Teammates Because He Just “Didn’t Want to Go”

Yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks made the obligatory trip to the White House to meet the President as result of them winning the Super Bowl. Absent was Marshawn Lynch. His whereabouts weren’t really discussed, but it was strange to not see him there given he’s such a big part of the team.

We now have clarification and it couldn’t be a more Marshawn Lynch reason. According to his mother, per the Seattle Times, Lynch wasn’t at the White House because “he didn’t want to go.”

“He just said he didn’t want to go,” she told the Seattle Times tonight.

Delisa Lynch said Marshawn Lynch has been mourning the recent death of a family member. But she said they’d had had some recent talks and she thought her son was going to attend the ceremony anyway.

“No particular reason was given to me,’’ she said. “He just said he didn’t want to go.’’

Well, there you have it.

Wouldn’t expect anything else from the man who has absolutely no use for talking to people; media and President Obama alike?

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