NBA — 20 May 2014
Did Paul George Suffer a Concussion on Collisoin With Wade?

During the second half of the Heat’s game 2 win over the Pacers, Dwyane Wade and Paul George got tangled up on a play where Wade’s knee made contact with the back of George’s head. In fact, the contact was so forceful that Wade grabbed for his knee afterwards.

Both guys were slow to get up but remained in the game. Nothing seemed unusual with George following that incident, but maybe he was more hurt than he led on.

According to George after the game, he “blacked out” as result of that play and had blurry vision as a result, per Pacers’ beat reporter Scott Agness on Twitter. No doctors over here, but that sounds like a concussion:

Game 3 isn’t until Saturday, so even if the blow to George’s head was serious, you’d have to figure he’ll be ready to go. Or, maybe not.


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