NBA — 01 May 2014
Barkley Bashes Magic Johnson For Rejoicing Over D’Antoni’s Resignation

Ever since Mike D’Antoni was hired as Lakers coach, Magic Johnson has been very critical of the hire. Over the past years, he has tweeted and commented on television about his displeasure with D’Antoni’s capabilities for that job. At some point, he must’ve realized that he was saying too much because he vowed to stop bashing D’Antoni.

After news broke last evening that D’Antoni quit the Lakers (after quitting the Knicks two years prior), Magic couldn’t contain his excitement:

Mike D’Antoni is one of the more overrated coaches in recent memory, so I get where Magic is coming from. However, Charles Barkley doesn’t. Following the Rockets win over the Blazers last night, Barkley spoke about Magic’s tweet on TNT’s Inside the NBA.

“Magic is better than that,” Barkley said repeatedly. I can also see where Barkley is coming from as well.

If you think Magic’s tweet was bad, just imagine how happy Kobe Bryant must be.

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