LIFESTYLE — 19 April 2014
Video: Drake Takes a Shot at Jay Z on TV During Raptors-Nets Playoff Game

A few weeks ago, the internet was abuzz when Jay Z included Drake in a verse in a way that pretty much told Drake to stay in his lane. It all began when Drake implied that Jay talks about paintings and art in his raps too much.

There wasn’t a peep from Drake in response. Until today. Ironically the team Jay was/is associated with (Brooklyn Nets) are in Toronto taking on the team Drake is associated with (Toronto Raptors) in a first round matchup.

Drake was apparently invited to sit in with the local Toronto broadcast crew during the game. He took that opportunity to fire back at Jay. I’d hardly call this a “beef,” though.

Drake is right in that Jay’s content has changed over the years, but let’s not act like “Drake” and “fondue” in the same sentence is unbelievable either.

Will Jay respond? Typically I’d say no, but it was surprising that he even dropped that Drake line to begin with so who knows.


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