COLLEGE — 09 April 2014
Rex Chapman Backs Off His Calipari-to-Lakers Rumors

On Monday night, former Kentucky player Rex Champman caused a fire storm when he tweeted that, win or lose vs. UConn, John Calipari was headed to the Lakers. He even closed the tweeted with “#donedeal”.

Naturally, that made headlines. Why wouldn’t it? I mean, he’s associated with the school and his inside info. Right? Maybe not.

Chapman went on the Dan Patrick Show to back off of his claim.

“I treat Twitter like I’m talking to my friends,” he told the Dan Patrick Show, as if that was an acceptable answer for starting the rumor of all rumors. “I’m not a journalist. Never pretend to be. I interact with people. I’m not gonna, not gonna refrain from giving information that I hear just because it might upset some people.”

“I said the word is that it was a done deal. That’s exactly what I said.”

Chapman said his information came from two “very good sources,” which is a curious characterization after both parties have denied the rumors.

That doesn’t sound like an outright denial, so who knows what to believe.  I’m sure he was told by someone at the school to clear the air.

H/T: CBS Sports

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