NBA — 10 April 2014
Knicks Reached Out to John Calipari

Organizational stability in an NBA team starts with a constant figure as the head coach. It does nobody any good if the coach constantly changes. But on the heels of losing, teams aren’t really left with much choice. That’s what the Knicks are facing. This is Mike Woodson’s second year as coach, but he may be out the door. Will John Calipari be next?

According to ESPN, the Knicks reached out to the Kentucky coach in January. The knock on Calipari is that he’s a great recruiter, but not necessarily a great coach. Not the mention the fact that he already failed once in the NBA.

In January, the Knicks, via a third party, reached out to Calipari to gauge his interest in coaching the Knicks next season, a league source familiar with the scenario told ESPN New York.


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