NBA — 04 April 2014
Hawks GM Danny Ferry: Making Playoffs “Not Our Goal”

Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry may have put his foot in his mouth without even intending on doing so. The Hawks and Knicks are battling for that 8th and final playoff spot in the East.  A few weeks ago, the Hawks had a sizeable lead, but they’ve gone 7-20 since February 4 and the Knicks have gone 11-3 over the past month to take a slight lead in the race.

According to Ferry, making the playoffs isn’t a goal. He implies they’d rather miss the playoffs all together.

“We’re not focused on trying to be the eighth seed in the playoffs because that’s not our goal,” Ferry told USA Today. “We’re trying to build something that’s good, sustainable and the components are in place for us to do so.”

Of the Hawks miss the playoffs, it improves their draft situation this year. If they make the playoffs, it worsens their draft positioning. Given allof that, Ferry indirectly is speaking towards tanking. But of course, this doesn’t mean the players are trying to lose. No player wants to lose. Guys have pride, but it’s a fascinating discussion.

I wonder what, if anything, will come of Ferry’s comments.

H/T: CBS New York

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