NBA — 27 April 2014
Doc Rivers Unsure if He Wants to Continue Coaching Clippers

The news of Donald Sterling’s racist comments regarding his feelings towards black people has been the talk of the weekend and will continue to be all you hear about until something happens. Because black NBA players have helped make him millions of dollars, Sterling is basically saying that he doesn’t want anyone around him associating with black people unless they can make his money. At least, that’s my takeaway from the 10-minute audio TMZ was able to obtain.

On the heels of all of the this, the Clippers players and head coach Doc Rivers are placed in an awkward situation. Should they continue to play hard knowing what the owner thinks of people that look like them?

According to Doc Rivers, he’s unsure if he can continue to coach the team as long as Sterling is the owner. At the end of the day, Sterling isn’t going to sell the team over this, so everyone has some tough personal decisions to make.






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