NFL — 16 April 2014
Biggest Steals of 2014 NFL Free Agency

By Ron Leyba

he 2014 offseason has been a very active one up to now. Several teams around the league have made significant moves, acquiring players who could make the difference in the upcoming season. Let’s see some of the best deals that teams around the league have achieved up to now.

New England Patriots – Darrelle Revis

The Pats made a big move during the offseason landing Darrelle Revis. Of course, cornerback star will receive a relatively big paycheck, almost $12 million over the course of the next season. New England is looking for Revis to help the team move forward and be a factor its course towards the top next season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Alterraun Verner

Another great offseason cornerback signing, this time by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is Alterraun Verner. Of course, the Bucs were the ones to lose Revis this season and they had to find a way to fill the void he left behind. There might not be a better way to achieve that than the signing of the 25-year old Verner, who is coming off a career season. Tampa Bay landed him for just $6.375 per year for the next four seasons and his value is considered higher, given that he could end up being a franchise cornerback.

Indianapolis Colts – Hakeem Nicks

Arguably the biggest steal of the 2014 offseason up to now came from the Indianapolis Colts, who inked wide receiver Hakeem Nicks to a one-year deal, worth $4 million. Nicks is one of the most capable receivers in the league and his contract is ridiculously small. Although he seemed to be lacking motivation last year, being in a new team should certainly help him turn things around.

Miami Dolphins – Knowshon Moreno

Another great signing of the 2014 offseason is the one of Knowshon Moreno from the Miami Dolphins. This signing might not be the best one of the postseason, but it certainly ranks amongst the best ones. The 26-year old running back recorded a terrific season in 2013 and the $3 million contract he signed with Miami makes him a great offseason steal. Moreno rushed for 1,038 yards and 10 touchdowns with the Denver Broncos last season, recording 60 receptions and 548 yards, too. The only concern that might be there is health.

Denver Broncos – T.J. Ward

After the devastating loss during the Super Bowl XLVIII a couple of months ago, the Denver Broncos were determined to improve their team and try to become better. One of their best moves, one that can be characterized as a steal was the acquisition of safety T.J. Ward, who received a four-year deal worth $22.5 million. Only $7 million is guaranteed. Although this contract might seem big at a first glance, it is under Ward’s market value. Of course, the defending kings of the AFC made several moves and they are expected to continue their shopping but Ward’s acquisition can be characterized as the best one and one of the best ones of the offseason up to now.

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