NBA — 04 March 2014
Tyson Chandler Not Sure He Wants to Continue to #ReignOn with the Knicks

With a record of 21-40, not many on the Knicks are expressing that they’re looking forward to coming back next season. Whether or not they have a choice, they still don’t seem to be looking forward to it.

Tyson Chandler is under contract until after the 2014-15 season, but he’s talking as if he’s already done with New York and not sure he wants to continue to #ReignOn with the team. What a far cry from where this team was just a year ago where things were as smooth as Crown Royal.

“That’s something I have to visit during the offseason,” Chandler said, via the New York Post. “We’re all going to have a lot of decisions to make.”

“For me, it’s important regardless [to finish out strong],” Chandler said. “I got a lot more pride than this, coming in night in, night out losing, and not putting forth the type of effort it takes to win. At this stage of my career and what I’ve established, I refuse to let it put a blemish on it.”



I understand his frustration, but man, he has a lot of nerver. Chandler is known for defense and by way of playing on the Knicks, he earned the game’s top individual honor: Defensive Player of the Year. The Knicks helped his player profile.

H/T: CBS sports

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