NFL — 21 March 2014
Jets’ #7 Jersey Will Be a “Big Issue” in Vick Negotiations

The Jets have strong interest in Michael Vick and reports indicate that a deal may be right around the corner. But perhaps there’s a roadblock. One like we’ve never quite seen before: a jersey number.

Ever since Vick arrived on the national stage at Virginia Tech, up until now, we’ve only see him wear #7 on the football field. One small problem: Geno Smith wears number 7 for the Jets. According to TMZ, this may hold everything up. Apparently, Vick has a clothing line called V7, so this is important to him. Important enough to kill the deal? We’ll see.

Accoridng to TMZ:

Now, we’re told the jersey situation is not an absolute dealbreaker — but it will be a “big issue” in negotiations.

It’s not uncommon to see an athlete buy his jersey number from another guy when he joins a team, but this report implies that Geno’s #7 can’t be bought because Vick would’ve surely tried already. Right? Ah, rich people problems.

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