LIFESTYLE — 27 March 2014
Roddy White Delivers on Twitter Bet

Never mind peer pressure, Twitter pressure is far more stressful. Just ask the Falcons’ Roddy White. Right before the NCAA tournament began, White got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with some random Falcons fan regarding who would win the opening round matchup between Duke and Mercer. As you know, Mercer upset Duke, but Roddy was confident that wasn’t going to be the case.

He engaged in a Twitter bet where he told the fan he’d get him free NFL tickets if Duke lost. So, after Duke lost, Roddy was inundated on Twitter with people saying he should pay up. To which he replied:


Many thought that to be a lame excuse by Roddy, but the fan didn’t seem to mind:

In the days that followed, that fan made appearances on countless radio shows to talk about this (the power of Twitter is immeasurable). Because of all of this a little while ago on Twitter, Roddy decided to pay up:




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