NFL — 12 March 2014
Richard Sherman and LeGarrette Blount Debate the Game’s Best CB: Richard Sherman vs. Aqib Talib

New day, new Richard Sherman Twitter argument with another NFL player about who the best cornerback in the game is. Today, his opponent is LaGarrette Blount who was trying mightily to convince Sherman that Aqib Talib was given the richest cornerback contract ever because he’s the best in the game.

Naturally, Sherman, who got into a similar discussion with Darrelle Revis about a year ago on Twitter, wasn’t trying to hear any of that. (Speaking of which: is Revis now officially out of this discussion?)







Sherman by a nose.

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  1. Blount makes a better point because Sherman does tend to stay on one side while Talib goes wherever the #1 guy is all game long,War Denver and to Seattle I say even a blind squirrel can find a nut eventually,How long has Seattle been in the league again?Win it this next year and then you can have the room you need to bring that mouth!Until then all you got done is your talking!

  2. Sherman is a great corner in a great (simple) scheme, but I don’t feel that he is the best in the league and I also cannot stand his arguments with people. He doesn’t debate any valid points, he only talks trash. Where is this Stanford education that everyone keeps talking about? Maybe he didn’t actually go to class like most college athletes. I will still call him classless and a thug until he can actually prove me otherwise.

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