NBA — 10 March 2014
Phil Jackson Likely to Take Knicks Job

Phil Jackson has pretty much made it known that he does not want to coach. But that doesn’t mean he won’t take a front office gig. The Knicks have been in hot pursuit of Jackson over the past few weeks and according to ESPN, he’s likely to take that job.

What this role will be is unclear at the moment. He could anywhere from barely seen to the GM. Should be interesting.

Call me crazy, but when has Phil Jackson ever been successful as an executive?

All indications are that Phil Jackson will accept the New York Knicks‘ offer to join the club’s front office, according to a league source.

“The Knicks have a sense of what’s going to happen,” the source said. “And as of right now, it looks like Phil’s taking the job. There’s always the possibility of something falling apart at the last minute, but the Knicks’ sense is that he’s joining them.”

The sides are still working out the details, including what Jackson’s title will be, how much time he will spend in New York and when in the next few months he will start his job.


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