FEET — 07 March 2014
Penny Hardaway: Nike to Release a Brand New “Penny 6”

It’s 2014 and Penny Hardaway hasn’t played a game since 2007. It’s amazing that his shoes are still so popular. That’s because next to Jordans, the Pennys are the best line of sneakers ever, in my opinion. And to think: there were only five of them.

However, according to Penny Hardaway himself, in an exclusive interview with Complex (which you should read in its entirety) he revealed that he and Nike are working on the Penny 6. That’s right, a new version. For a shoe company to release a brand new shoe in your likeness after you’re retired is rare and only reserved for those who are truly influential. Like Penny.

Based on how successful his shoes still are today, this was probably a no-brainer for Nike. I mean, they took the Foamposites (which originated as Pennys in 1997) and turned them into its own lifeform practically. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.


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