THE REST — 07 March 2014
Nick Young Was Hit With a Dress Code Warning

Several years ago when the NBA enacted their dress code, I was pretty critical of it. But as I got older, I’ve conceded that it was necessary. However, over the past few years it has apppeared to me that guys weren’t adhering to it. I’ve noticed it for a while. I’ve also noticed that the NBA allowed it to happen. Frankly, I thought the dress code was no longer enforced.

However, it apparently is still a thing and the Lakers Nick Young can attest. According to the LA Times, Young was hit with a dress code warning from the League yesterday. To respond, he showed up to game yesterday in a bright blue suit, shinny white shoes with no socks. Sounds very Dwyane Wade.

As fashion has taken a turn (for the worse) recently, NBA players have been on the forefront. You can argue that it’s primarily to market themselves, as the attention can only be good.

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