NBA — 01 March 2014
NBA Possibly Willing to Help Pay College Athletes

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and several reporters are at #SSAC14, where Silver is being peppered with questions pertaining to the league. One such question had to do with the NBA’s potential involvement in helping to pay college athlete; a sore subject that will continue to be discussed as universities continue to make millions upon millions.

Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck on Twitter with Silver’s response to the notion of the NBA chipping in:

Personally, I think that would be bad business for the NBA. That is not their fight to fight. How would that help the league? If you say “guys will stay in college longer, so the product of the NBA will improve,” you’re missing the point.

Another interesting nugget that Silver pointed out is that the league may consider adding a play-in tournament for the one or more playoff spots.

Antother bad idea. If it ain’t broke, Mr. Commissioner,…


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