NBA — 20 March 2014
Mike Woodson Says He Could Coach the Triangle Offense

Mike Woodson has to be feeling pretty uncomfortable these days. With the arrival of Phil Jackson, we also receive the news that Phil was first offered the chance to coach the team next year, but declined. That pretty much confirms that the writing is on the wall for Woodson, despite the Knicks current 7 game win-streak.

Given all of that, Woodson says he’d be able to adopt a new coaching style if need be, according to ABC News. Namely, the triangle offense that has worked so well for Phil Jackson in the past.

If he has any shot at retaining his job so he can Crown Royal #ReignOn with the Knicks, he’d better give it a shot.

Woodson was asked if he can coach the triangle system if Jackson wants him to next season.

“Could I teach it? Absolutely, I can teach it,” Woodson said. “But it’d be even better if he helped me teach it. That would be great. Who would be better in teaching the triangle than Phil Jackson?”

“So if that might be the case and I get that opportunity, sure, I think, I know I can teach the triangle offense,” Woodson added. “It’s basketball. It’s what we do.”

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