NFL — 26 March 2014
Mark Sanchez a Good Fit For the Seahawks?

By Ron Leyba

Mark Sanchez’s is not going to be any NFL team’s savior in anyone’s wildest dreams. He is likely not going to start for a decent team in the NFL ever again on a regular basis to be honest. But he could end up starting for a bad team since by default most bad teams have bad quarterbacks and are looking for a better one to run the offense. Sanchez could easily wind up on a good team but not as a starter. He will be the guy with a ball cap on the sideline holding a clipboard and his uniform will not need washing on most weeks. His head coach will sacrifice small animals in voodoo type rituals to ensure Sanchez never has to get in a game unless it is a blowout. Voodoo rituals are common among NFL coaches to ensure the safety of their starting QB (at least in my vivid imagination). That’s not to say Sanchez or any other backup QB is not a decent player. But given the choice between a starter and a guy who is the designated backup, it is obvious who the coach favors. The starter starts for a reason.

The rumors are still floating around that have Sanchez and Pete Carroll reuniting in Seattle. They were together at USC years ago when the Trojans were destroying other teams and leasing houses for Reggie Bush and his entire family. I’m not sure what freebies Sanchez got at Southern Cal but maybe he has some incriminating photos of Pete Carroll to blackmail him into signing the QB to the Seahawk’s roster. I’m not sure how well blackmail works in the NFL or real life so maybe Sanchez can just text Carroll about a job. That seems more legal than the blackmail option.

Seattle needs a quarterback like America needs another reality show (we are dumbed down enough…thank you CBS, NBC, ABC, TLC, etc). Russell Wilson will be the quarterback for the Hawks for the next 10 years unless something crazy happens injury wise or if he suddenly starts to deteriorate as a player. That seems unlikely since Wilson is a very talented guy that works as hard as any young QB in the NFL. He studies film, prepares well, and does not seem to be a knucklehead. But Wilson is not injury proof so Mark Sanchez could end up as his back up. That is need every team has to fill even though they hope to never have to use the back up. An experienced back up is certainly better than a rookie coming in off the bench. A veteran back up with big game experience is even better. Sanchez, even with his problems on the field the past couple of years, is a benefited veteran that has had big time games on his resume. He may not have been the guy that dragged his team to the big games. It was kind of the other way around but the fact remains that he was in those AFC title games. That experience can be very valuable should Wilson go down for a game, four games, or even a series. Remember when Tom Brady went down in the playoffs after replacing Drew Bledsoe in the regular season? Bledsoe came in for a few plays and helped the Pats in a key series. Experience is golden in the NFL.

With the Seahawks coming off a Super Bowl win they will have their choice at many players. Some will even come at a discount to be on a Super Bowl team that is a big threat to repeat as champions. Good veteran players who have already made their millions sometimes do not mind playing for less money when they have a real shot at being a champion. Some veterans who have blown their money on various things cannot afford to take a pay cut but those who can afford less money see the trade-off as worth it. The team is young and Pete Carroll knows how to motivate players, even in the NFL which is much harder than in college. Mark Sanchez has made decent money in the league and is set to make $8.3 million this year for the Jets. I see no scenario where he stays put at that price tag. The Jets would be insane to pay that for a guy that they clearly do not believe in anymore even if they were forced to play him due to other QB injuries at some point. Sanchez may want to be part of a title team. Who would not want that? Especially if he can play for a coach he knows very well and all the pressure would be off of him. No one expects much from Sanchez now and in Seattle all they would need him to do is fill in when necessary. That is not a glamorous position to be in but it is not a bad one either. Would you trade your career at your big corporation for the scenario I just described? Of course you would unless you have been brain washed by your company in some fashion.

If I were Mark Sanchez I would not take too long to decide on the Seattle possibility. If he wants to go there he better make it happen because there are plenty of mediocre backups on the market in the NFL this off season. There are many who will take a lot less than $8.3 million. There are some that would play for 15% of that. Heck there are some that would play for the right to sleep at the facility during the year at this point in their careers! And the Seahawks being champions lets them have a better selection as mentioned earlier. They are in the driver’s seat when it comes to free agents.

Other teams need back up QBs also so Sanchez does not have to be locked in to Seattle at too deep of a pay cut. He can start again in the league and get a better deal financially. But it will be for a team that may make his Sunday’s miserable. Getting sacked early and often is no fun but the paycheck might make up for that in Mark Sanchez’s eyes.

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