LIFESTYLE — 24 March 2014
Lakers’ Nick Young Home Robbed During Game

On Sunday night, the Lakers’ Nick Young had a decent night, dropping 26 on the Magic. But while that was happening, his Sherman Oaks home was getting robbed.

Young is typically pretty light-hearted and sounds like he took the news all in stride. Even the fact that they got him for his Air Yeezys too.

Young told news reporters Monday that almost $100,000 worth of goods were taken from his Los Angeles home. The Lakers’ No. 2 scorer said prized Nike Air Yeezy sneakers were among the items stolen.

“I walked in and saw drawers open, clothes all over the floor. I know I didn’t leave my place like that,” Young said, via the Los Angeles Times. “Then I looked at the window and it was broken. Glass all over the floor. That’s when I knew someone had gotten in there.”

Young, 28, said he called police at 2 a.m., when he arrived home after the 103-94 victory against the Orlando Magic. He scored 26 points to lead the Lakers, who snapped a four-game losing streak.

“I think they knew that I had a game that day,” Young said. “I think they scoped it out a little bit. Obviously they knew nobody was in the house and they knew we had a game, so they came at the right time.”

It’s amazing that this happens as often as it does to filthy rich people in the public eye. You’d think they have a moat around their homes. Or at least a security system. Right?

H/T: USA Today 

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