NBA — 25 February 2014
Kings to Buyout Jimmer Fredette’s Contract on His Birthday

The difference between college and the NBA can often-times be seen in a guy like Jimmer Fredette. A prolific scorer at BYU, naturally he couldn’t perform anywere near that level in the league. Not many could. Despite that, I think he has a bright future ahead of him. Too bad the Kings don’t feel that way.

Sacramento is close to buying out Fredette’s contract and releasing him, as he has fallen out of the rotation, according to Yahoo, USA Today and SI. Over the past few weeks, countless NBAers have been bought out in what seems like some sort of record being set.

In the wake of the news surrounding Raymond Felton, will the Knicks have any interest?

To show you cold this game is, today is Jimmer’s 25th birthday.


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