NBA — 05 January 2014
Watch: J.R. Smith Unties Shawn Marion’s Sneaker During Free-Throw

The Knicks’ J.R. Smith is known for making headlines for the wrong reasons, and here goes another. However, this one is funny and we all should give him a pass.

During the second quarter of tonight’s Knicks win over the Mavericks, J.R. decided to have a little fun with Shawn Marion at the free throw line.

Smith actually bends down and unties Marion’s shoe. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this before.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the league fined Smith for this. Not that a fine is warranted, but….yeah.

H/T: youtube 

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  1. That’s why he makes so many “Bonehead” plays. As bad as he’s playing , joking should be the last thing on his mind. I’d trade him for a bag of chips.

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