NFL — 11 January 2014
Video: Percy Harvin Gets Lit Up By Saints’ Rafael Bush

Percy Harvin missed most of his first season as a Seattle Seahawk with a hip injury, but his was in the lineup today vs. the Saints. During the Seahawks first drive, Harvin was lit up by Rafeal Bush.

Bush was flagged on the play and Harvin left the game, only to return during the next series. I have a tough time believing he passed a concussion test that quickly.

H/T: @gifdsports

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  1. Solid argument baekcd up with stats. What else are they going to do anyway? Joe Webb? Really? If QB was the only position keeping them from a legitimate Super Bowl run, that would be one thing. But that is not the case this season so people need to enjoy whatever this team gives them in terms of wins and allow Ponder to continue his progression. A year from now the panic might be legitimate but, realistically, only with the right offseason moves by the front office.

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