LIFESTYLE — 11 January 2014
Seattle Seahawks Fans Angered by Dr. Dre, Colin Kaepernick Commercial

By Kevin Gannon

Have you heard the news? There are a lot of Seattle Seahawks fans who are not happy with Dr. Dre. “Um, why?” you ask. Because of the new Beats By Dre headphones commercial. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the advertisement portrays San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick walking off his team’s bus and he must pass a rather motley crew of individuals draped in Seahawks colors. There is no clear indication that they’re actually fans of the Seattle team, but it’s pretty obvious what’s going on in the TV spot given the rivalry between the teams and the colors worn by the spectators. And as it turns out, the real-life fans aren’t having it.

As reported by USA Today, the main issue is that these fans feel that they’re being misrepresented. The actors in the commercial can be seen peeing on the team’s bus, flipping off Kaepernick, and doing whatever they can to let him know that he “sucks.” All over the Internet, actual fans are expressing their disgust with the ad by taking to various social networking sties. Below, you can read a quote from a commenter on the YouTube page for the video:

“Well I’m a life long Seahawk and I don’t hate other teams, my passion and energy is in support of Seahawks team, not in animosity and aggression towards others…looking around the stands I say, that’s a pretty universal attitude in the Emerald City. All I can say to Dr. Dre is, first of all your name is stupid, your product is over priced and your sales slogan is ignorant and biased. So me again why the hell would I buy it? You can kiss our asses.”

And over on Twitter, much of the same is happening. Here’s just one tweet from a fan who felt that he and others who root for the Seahawks were unfairly portrayed:

Wow. I think @beatsbydre sales in Seattle are about to plummet. TOTALLY inaccurate picture of @seahawks fans.

— Brian McCormack (@BrianMccormack) December 10, 2013


For those unfamiliar with this latest Beats By Dre campaign, Brooklyn Nets forward  Kevin Garnett stars in one, too. The scenario is very similar to Kaepernick’s: Garnett arrives at a stadium only to be chewed out by members of the home team’s crowd who showed up early … to apparently give him a piece of their mind. While the outrage over this commercial didn’t get quite as much attention, there were a few New York Knicks fans on the ‘net who weren’t happy about the clear association to them. The arena in the spot looks just like Madison Square Garden and the team’s orange and blue colors can been seen everywhere.

Clearly the issue here is that fans simply aren’t interested in being portrayed in this light. And it’s a fair complaint. Not everyone attending a game is over-drinking beforehand (or during, for that matter) with the sole intention of flipping out on an opposing player. There are, of course, times when such things have happened, but they tend to be handle justly by the security and/or police officers on hand. So, basically, are we all just seeing entertainment portrayed a little too realistically and, as a result, too close to home? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

And now for those who haven’t seen it, you can watch Kaepernick’s commercial below.

Kevin Gannon is recent college with an English degree. His exciting nights in the student section have turned into a passion for sports journalism. 


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