NFL — 14 January 2014
Saints’ Marques Colston on Forward Pass: “It Happens”

The Saints’ season ended over the weekend by way of a strange decision by Marques Coltston to throw an illegal forward pass, rather than stepping out of bounds near the 40-yard line, to allow Drew Brees to throw one last Hail Mary attempt.

We all thought Colston to be crazy (and still do), but there was a method to his madness: that was the play call.

Per Colston, according to Pro Football Talk:

“It’s a play that we worked on,” Colston told ESPN. “Obviously, it’s not an ideal situation [being behind with time expiring and no timeouts], but the ball came out. And obviously the throw didn’t go the way I would have planned. But, it happens.”

It happens? Really?


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