NFL — 23 January 2014
Fox Cut Away From Erin Andrews’ Interview With Richard Sherman Because it Was Getting “Dangerous”

This Richard Sherman story will not go away, nor should it. There are many layers of scenario which shape healthy discussions around society.

During his post-game interview with Erin Andrews, Sherman was obviuosly very fired up and we got the raw, uncut version of him. If you recall, the camera cuts away from the 2-question interview before it actually ended. It cut away after Sherman rants about Crabtree being a “sorry receiver”, and after Andrews asked “who was talking about you?”

Based on the the eventual lack of visuals, there was some gray areas as to whether or not Sherman ended the interview by walking away, or if Andrews did. It sounded like Sherman did by the way Andrews threw it back to Joe Buck, but perhaps that wasn’t the case, according to Neil Best of Newsday:

Full disclosure: I’m not in complete defense of Sherman in this situation, but what exactly does “dangerous” mean? Unless he had a weapon in under his jersey, I think we we were all safe.

This just adds fuel to this sensitive debate.

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