NBA ā€” 18 December 2013
Video: LeBron James and Mario Chalmers Confront One Another

During the 3rd quarter of tonight’s Pacers at Heat game, LeBron James got into it with teammate Mario Chalmers on the sidelines during a timeout. I’m not quite sure what transpired to cause this, but needless to say they weren’t seeing eye to eye.

They didn’t really have to be separated because neither guy was going to throw a punch. They’re not confrontational to that extent and this stuff happens all the time in sports; just not with this team. Nevertheless, this is an interesting development, but it’s worth noting that they squashed it afterwards.

LeBron has been disrespected by his opponents countless times during his career and never reacted half as aggressively as this.

LeBron took to Twitter after the game to apologize for his actions:



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