MLB — 13 December 2013
Robinson Cano Felt Disrespected By the Yankees’ $175M Offer

Robinson Cano is baseball’s newest $200M man, as he inked a 10-year/$240M deal with Seattle last week. Many believed that he would always wind up in pinstripes, and that he and his camp were just posturing. Apparently not.

The Yankees offered Cano a 7-year/$175M deal several weeks ago that wasn’t of any interest to him. Yesterday, he explained that he thought that offer lacked “respect” from Yankees.

That sounds like rich people problems to me. Here’s his explanation for turning down the Yankees’ offer, according to the New York Post:

“I didn’t feel respect,” Cano said after officially becoming a Mariner on Thursday when he signed his 10-year, $240 million deal. “I didn’t get respect from them.”

“I was hoping they would come up with a better offer,” Cano said during an interview with MLB Network. “My goal was to stay there.”

“I didn’t see any effort [from the Yankees],” Cano said.

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