NFL — 30 December 2013
Redskins Fire Mike Shanahan and Coaching Staff, RG3 Declined to Comment

After a 24-40 record over a 4-year stint as head coach of the Washington Redskins, Mike Shanahan and his entire coaching staff were fired Monday morning by team owner Dan Snyder. This was widely speculated yesterday, but became a reality a little while ago.

It’s funny how things can change from one year to the next in the NFL. Last year, Shanahan was walking on water in the DC area. Now, he’s liked even less than Donovan McNabb. But don’t cry for him because this is probably what he wanted and will make $7 million for doing absolutely nothing, since Snyder must pay the remaining money of the contract.

Shanahan was to meet with Snyder at 9am this morning and news broke of the firing at about 9:30am. Quick meeting.

Now the fun begins: who will be his successor? Who ever it is, he has his work cut out for him.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post had the scoop:

And for the first time in his professional career, Robert Griffin III didn’t want to talk:


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