NFL — 30 December 2013
Peyton Manning’s Single-Season Yardage Record May Be Taken Away

Last week, Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for most TD passes in a single season with 51. Yesterday, during a week 17 game vs. Oakland he not only added four more TD passes, to end up with 55, but he also eclipsed Drew Brees’ single-season passing yardage record by one single, solitary yard. He need 265 and got 266.

Or did he?

According to, a 7-yard pass to Eric Decker in the first quarter is under review. In the video below, it appears as if this pass in question to Decker is not a forward-pass, which technically should be considered a run. If it is ruled as such, Peyton’s record is retracted and it still belongs to Brees:

It’s worth noting that Peyton didn’t even play the second half of this game and could’ve easily destroyed this record. And if he and the Broncos were truly chasing this record it was risky, and borderline arrogant, for them to sit him after having an unofficial 1-yard lead.

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  1. I am soo tired of this “Witch Hunt” centered around trying to discredit Payron’s accomplishments this season,mit wouldn’t be any surprise who these people root for and their motives with this.Enough already,even if that one passing touchdown or two of his touchdowns would get stripped from Payton to make these idiots hidden motives,Payton would still have these records this yr cause he’s got it above those.How about getting off the trash truck and quit trying to manipulate your way and trying to steal his accomplishments,all those B rady and Brees fans/underhanded record protectors…………………

  2. While I understand the logic behind sitting Manning when the game is pretty much in hand, I don’t understand why he would sit out the entire 3rd quarter with only an “unofficial” 1 yard lead for passing yards in a season. Seems really cocky to me. I think a few more passing yards would have been good insurance. Serves them right if they do take that 7 yard pass away, cause it is clearly evident that it was NOT a forward pass. And since doing so wouldn’t change the outcome of the game in any way it may very well happen.

  3. I agree. If you are going to pick on a possible blown call this way, then review every pass of all the previous leader and tell me there were no doubtful call

    • I guess there’s a lot of those who really don’t want Payton to get these records this season,as I mentioned before it was the 51 record and after he threw for more it’s gone to trying to stand in the way of this one.I haven’t see n even close to this amount of effort put into discrediting in posts and trying to avoid acknowledging a players accomplishment,I hope Payton wins the super bowl as well.Everyone wrote this guy off and ran their mouth when he was injured,went through 4 neck surgeries and came back,iv’e gone through 3 neck surgeries myself,broke my neck when I was 17 n growing up,was paralyzed from the neck down and went through so much to walk again so I know a little about spine injuries,I will back Payton for an encredable journey he’s making……………

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