NFL — 09 December 2013
Mike Shanahan May Start Kirk Cousins Over Robert Griffin III For the Rest of the Year

Yesterday, Mike Shanahan sat Robert Griffin III in favor of Kirk Cousins, and today Shanny addressed the media to give his explanation. It doesn’t sound like there’s a QB controversy, but rather, he took Griffin out because the last thing he wanted to for Griffin to get hurt on a snowy field with the game already out of reach.

That makes perfect sense, but today, he shared that if Kirk Cousins plays this Sunday in Atlanta, Griffin wouldn’t see the field for the rest of the season in order to ensure that he’s ready to go next year and isn’t in line for potential injury.

That sounds good, but there could be many reasons, aside from that, why Shanahan would essentially bench Griffin. Secretly, he may think Kirk is better. Or, he’s trying to get fired so he can collect his $7 million and be on his merry way.

This all should get interesting in the next few days and/or weeks.

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