MLB — 06 December 2013
Robinson Cano, Mariners Agree on 10-Year, $240M Deal

When news broke that Jay Z was launching a sports representation shop, I immediately thought that it was destintined for success. But in the subsequent months to follow, we’ve seen him make many rookie mistakes. The courting of Geno Smith comes to mind.

The latest may be his handling of the Robinson Cano – Seattle Mariners negotiations. According to the New York Daily News, Cano, Jay Z and CAA representatives were in Seattle on Thursday. Apparently, the Mariners offered a 9-year, $225M deal (which I now yawn at as far as baseball contracts go). Jay Z apparently demanded a 10th year, totaling $252M, which is what Alex Rodriguez got from Texas when he left Seattle roughly a decade ago.

Mariners chairman and CEO Howard Lincoln allegedly “exploded” at the demand.

But when Jay Z then upped the ante and demanded 10 years and $252  million — the  same deal Alex Rodriguez took more than a decade ago when he left the Mariners  for the Rangers — Mariners  chairman and CEO Howard Lincoln apparently “exploded,” according to one of the  sources, ending the meeting.
“It doesn’t look like we’re getting him,” a Mariners source said, adding  that Seattle did not seem inclined to reignite talks with a player that clearly  didn’t want to go there.
If Cano ends up in a city like Seattle, he’s immediately less marketable than if he stays in New York for less money. That means endoresements may even everything out at the very least.
I hope Jay knows what he’s doing because he’s providing fuel for his detractors. However, in fairness, this is what an agent is supposed to do though.
This began as a post entitled “Mariners CEO ‘explodes’ at Jay Z over his Robinson Cano demands”, but thngs have changed quickly apparently.
Cano has signed with the Mariners for $240M. The deal is pending a physical on Monday.


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