NFL — 27 November 2013
Run-Down NY/NJ Inns and Motels Increasing Room Rates 900% For Super Bowl

This season’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ should prove to be very interesting. Mainly because it’s being played in a cold weather city; something I’ve been strongly against since it was announced a few years ago.

As you can imagine, by nature of the game being played in the New York area, it’s going to be expensive. Not just admission in to the game, but the lodging as well.

According to the New York Post, some run-down inns and motels are charging upwards of 10-times their usually night rate around the time of the Super Bowl. The above image, courtesy of the New York Post, is what your money will actually get you.

With the prime places in Manhattan booked up, a bunch of dingy, dilapidated inns — many boasting highway views and the smell of choking exhaust — are collecting big bucks from unsuspecting fans coming to town for the big game on Feb. 2.

The Days Inn in North Bergen — just a few miles from the Super Bowl site at MetLife stadium — is doing brisk business despite jacking its normal $125-a-night rate to $1,300.

The Howard Johnson Express in Clifton, meanwhile, is fetching $900 a night — up from its usual $94.
According to former guests, the hotel allows guests to experience “truly disgusting carpeting” and brown tap water.

The Holiday Inn Express in North Bergen is renting rooms for more than $900 a night, up from its usual $127.

At the mouth of the Holland Tunnel — and popular with the “rooms by the hour” crowd — it’s a veritable bargain at $400 a night during Super Bowl weekend, up from its usual $125.

It will be interesting to learn the type of numbers that these inns and motels pull in as result of the Super Bowl, because you can rest assured there will be no vacancy. In the example of the Days Inn going from $125/night to $1300/night, that’s an amazing increase of 940%.

Better them than me.

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