MLB — 05 November 2013
MLBPA Investigating the Birthday Gift Jay Z Gave Robinson Cano

On the surface this won’t appear as a huge deal to most. It’s a matter of one rich person giving another rich person a gift. Quite sickening, actually. But when you break it down, it’s probably much more.

Jay Z reportedly gave his client, Robinson Cano a Shawn Carter Classic Fusion Hublot watch for his 31st birthday recently. Seems innocent, but that’s apparently in violation of rules.

According ESPN, the MLBPA is investigating whether or not this transaction violates Section 5(B)(5)(a) of the MLBPA regulations that states:

 “No Player or Agent or Applicant shall provide, cause to be provided or promise to provide, any money or any other thing of value to any player, or any person related to or associated with such player, the purpose of which is to induce or encourage such player to use or continue to use any person’s or firm’s services as a Player Agent, Representative, or Draft Advisor.”

According to the same report, there is a clause allowing certain gifts. But if it exceeds $500, it must be disclosed in writing to the union, and that watch is worth north of $30,000.

Basically, they don’t want Cano to continue to retain Jay Z because he’ll buy him expensive things. The rule certainly makes sense for that reason.

But this now begs the question: Was Jay aware of this rule or did he just not care? Because if he didn’t know (which is likely), it falls in line with him acting as a “runner” to attain Geno Smith (which he was under investigation for), and the Jadaveon Clowney situation (also investigated, by the University of South Carolina). This is just more fodder for the agents who don’t think Jay knows what he’s doing.

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  1. Not a real bright comment. Keep in mind that Cano, at this past year’s salary, would earn enough to buy the watch just by playing around three innings. (They’re paid for 162 games so he probably makes $90.000+ a game).
    He’s been working with Jay-Z and the other agents (who are the real experts) since before this season. They are not there to attract him.
    And if he is simply being bribed, how do you bribe someone making millions? A night with Jay-Z’s wife? Well, that MIGHT work.

    • There’s no ‘MIGHT’ about it…

  2. Maybe I’m the last to know, but Jay Z is a player’s agent? Since when?

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