NBA — 16 November 2013
Cleveland Cavaliers Nearly Fight During Players-Only Meeting

The guys on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster apparently don’t know how this is supposed to work. A players-only meeting is intended to get guys on the same page and to right the ship. An altercation is the last thing that should happen.

However, according to ESPN, that’s exactly what transpired. The Cavs had a players-only meeting following a 3-game losing streak and tempers flared. Guys reportedly had to be separated.

I’m purely speculating here, but my money is on Andrew Bynum being one of the guys involved.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are dealing with a three-game losing streak, and perhaps some chemistry problems within the locker room.

The Cavaliers held a players-only meeting following Wednesday’s 29-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, multiple sources told But the meeting got contentious, and players confronted each other, according to sources.


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