NBA — 04 November 2013
Are the Brooklyn Nets Overrated?

Yes you read the question right. Despite all the star power the Brooklyn Nets have managed to gather, there are still questions if the team is overrated. We are almost two weeks before the season opener and the Brooklyn Nets are entering this new season as one of the biggest favorites to win not only the title in the Eastern Conference but also the NBA Championship.

Together with the Miami Heat, the Houston Rockets and one or two more teams, the Nets are considered as the elite of the elite. The blockbuster trade that brought Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, alongside the former Sixth man of the Year, Jason Terry to Brooklyn, shook the balances in the East. The Nets will now have a unique chance to win a championship. No one can question their potential. What’s under discussion is their ability to really be on the top of the East and defeat teams like the Heat and the Indiana Pacers or even the New York Knicks. Let’s break down why those questions arise.

First of all, the Nets have a superstar point guard, one of the best in the league, in Deron Williams. Or don’t they? Is Williams really that dominant? Well, last season, he was the second-leading scorer of the Nets, with 18.9 points per game during the regular season and a 44 percent shooting from floor and 37.8 percent from three point range. With the additions of Pierce and KG, his scoring numbers could decrease this season, both ex-Celtics are players that demand the ball and will take several shot attempts during a game. Will Williams be adequately dominant to put the Nets in a position to win the best teams in the conference during the playoffs, when it matters the most?

On the other hand, the newcomer star, Paul Pierce is definitely not in the best stage of his career and his performance. The 36-year old forward experienced some periods of slump last season. He seemed like he lost his touch and a part of his energy. That’s why there are some questions about how well he will be able to play this season.

The team also hired the recently retired Jason Kidd, the former New York Knicks point guard, as the Head Coach. In his debut season as a coach, Kidd will go straight into the deep and contend for the Larry O’Brien trophy, with a team that saw radical changes during the offseason. We all know he was one of the best playmakers to ever pass from the NBA. But how good is he as a coach? The answer will be shown on the courts of the NBA this season.

Of course, all the above don’t mean that the Nets will not win the championship this season. The purpose of this article is just to expose some of the blur aspects of the Nets team. Keep in mind that in 2013-2014 season, Brooklyn might have its only chance to play under the current formation. The Nets currently have the highest payroll in the league, they are the only team that is over $100 million and Paul Pierce’s contract expires this summer

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