NBA — 30 October 2013
Tim Legler Suggests Andrew Bynum Faked Injury Because He Didn’t Want to Play in Philly

“Andrew Bynum doesn’t care that much about basketball.”

That above statement is unproven, but largely agreed upon among basketball fans. Ever since leaving Los Angeles (and towards the end of his time there), he has exhibited a very nonchalant attitude towards the game. His choice in haristyles adds to that feeling.

Granted, he certainly had his knee issues last year in Philly, but people question whether or not he could’ve actually played. Some think he just didn’t want to.

One such person is ESPN’s Tim Legler, arguably the best NBA analyst at the network. Earlier today, Legler was a guest on “The Sports Fix” on ESPN 980 in Washington, D.C., where said the following when asked about Bynum:

“I live in the Philly area…and I don’t think he was that hurt. I just don’t think he wanted to play in Philly.”

I’m going to assume that not many will rush to disagree.

But if Bynum does play and play well this year for Cleveland, it’s a lose-lose situation for him because who knows if he has now healed?

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