NFL — 28 October 2013
Redskins’ Owner Daniel Snyder to Meet With Roger Goodell About Team Name Controversy

The controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins team name has taken on a life of its own. In fact, it has been talked about almost as much as Robert Griffin III’s knee. Almost.

Despite the mounting fuel around the name, team owner Daniel Snyder steadfastly states that he is not changing the name. He’s certainly within his rights not to do anything he doesn’t want to, but his snarky attitude around his decision is what turns people off.

According to CSN Washington, Snyder will meet with Roger Goodell in New York on Tuesday to discuss this very topic. This interesting to say the least. Who set this meeting up? Why? Is Goodell within his jurisdiction here?

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  1. TO: Daniel Snyder
    From: FANS everywhere.
    Do NOT change your YOUR team name.
    Now, if the NFT is willing to give you $10,000,000 dollars then what the heck change it
    But, if they are just saying “well, some (A-holes) people don’t like the name….”
    Don’t back down.
    It’s YOUR team
    Tell the NFL to go pound sand.
    See if the baseball world crumbles when these PC clowns want to change THEIR names: Braves, Indians, xcz

  2. Daniel Snyder doesn’t get it and what’s worse doesn’t care !!! “REDSKINS” IS directly about the flesh of a group of peoples and they don’t like it !!! CHIEFS and BRAVES are names describing those people not their flesh. GET IT MR. SNYDER ???

    • Respectfully submitted:
      Mr. Daniel Snyder who keeps bugging you about YOUR team’s name? The answer is “NO, I’m not changing the name.” “NO is the answer now and in the future.”
      Don’t NOBODY call or ask for a meeting or text or e-mail me. THE ANSWER IS NO..

      As the great debater William Jeffries said, “This conversation is ENDED !!”
      Use that line, Mr. Snyder and get those creeps off your back.
      If they ask again, use the court-room / legalese objectiion: “Asked and answered.”

      Thank you

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