NBA — 25 October 2013
Lakers Will Allow Kobe to Become a Free Agent

Are the wheels beginning to fall off in Hollywood?

First, Kobe’s devastaing injury. Then, the Lakers are predicted to finish 12th in the West and Kobe was recently ranked the 25th best player in the league and no longer the best shooting guard.

Now, reports surface that the Lakers will allow him to become a free agent. I have a tough time imagining him playing anywhere else, but is this the beginning of the end?

He becomes a free agent at the end of the season, and Jim Buss says because of the pay structure of the NBA, the Lakers will allow Kobe to become a free agent.

He says he has talked to Kobe and believes they have an understanding, Bryant waiting as a free agent while the team spends to upgrade and then using what is left over to pay Kobe.

There’s alot that can be drawn from that quote, becaust the Lakers aren’t competing for anything this year, so where do their real interests lie?

H/T: OC Register

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