NBA — 16 October 2013
ESPN Says Kobe Bryant is Now the 25th Best Player in the NBA

Each year, ESPN ranks NBA players, from worst to first. And naturally, it causes much debate. Basketball is the sport that lends itself best to the “who is better?” debate.

A little while ago, they announced on twitter that Kobe Bryant is 25. Kobe Bryant is the 25th best player in the NBA, they say. Last year, he was ranked 6th, and he took offense to that. So what will his pending hashtag-laden tweet say to this?

But if you take the emotion out of it, which is impossible for some, their ranking makes sense. He’s in his mid-30s, has a ton of NBA miles on his body and still isn’t healed from an Achilles tear.

Fast forward, we all know that LeBron will be 1 and Durant 2.


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  1. I suppose this is the best way to attempt to make your story and/or organization relevant. Kobe on one leg is better than the 10th player and below. I don’t, however, put much credence in what a privileged desk-setting, pencil pushing geek who has not even picked up a ball let alone played in a “real” game, has to say and/or their ranking of any players in all sports. This rhetoric is a way to get “noticed” or receive the “15 minutes” of fame. Nevertheless, any organization that would choose Bill pathetic Simmons over Magic Johnson…enough said!!!

  2. HEY!!! That’s right guys piss the Mamba off. When he was 6 and 7 he still dominated. KB24

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