NFL — 22 September 2013
Roddy White Says Analysts Shouldn’t Criticize Aldon Smith Because They’ve Probably Driven Drunk Too

There are a bunch of professional athletes that shouldn’t be allowed to have Twitter and Roddy White of the Falcons probably tops the list. He routinely tweets out things that are controversial, or just stupid, and today was no different.

Aldon Smith of the 49ers was arrested for DUI ealier in the week and ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown crew decided to give their opinions on the matter. You know, doing  their jobs. Apparently Roddy was watching (shouldn’t he be at the facility getting ready for today’s game?) and thought the criticism was too harsh. So he decided to get his Roddy White on:


As usual, he completely misses the point and looks like a fool on Twitter.

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  1. He speaking the truth. Hypocrisy I say! Lol

    • If it’s true, show me the police report. If you can’t do that, shut your lying mouth up.

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