NFL — 08 September 2013
Pic: Bills Fans Wear Aaron Hernandez Orange Jumpsuits


The Bills and Patriots open up the start of the season facing one another today and some Bills fans paid tribute to Aaron Hernandez and his pending murder trial by donning orange jumpsuits.

This is both funny and disturbing. Disturbing because grown men took the time to celebrate Halloween early at Ralph Wilson Stadium today.



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  1. Too much attention on revenge.thats why they always lose. Just not good enough

    • You’re right. Maybe if the fans focus more on the game, that’ll turn the team around.

      • I like that come back.

  2. Oh booooooooohooooooooo they wore orange jumpsuits. What’s that supposed to do? Hurt the feelings of Patriot fans? Who cares!! The Patriots won. The Bills lost. Somebody should tell those guys wearing orange that Halloween isn’t until October 31st.

  3. Patriot fans have no sense of humor. Must be because they’re from Massachushits.

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