NBA — 24 September 2013
Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant Throw Jabs at One Another via Social Media

I believe this is what the kids refer to as “shots fired” these days.

Sports Illustrated recently released their top 10 NBA players and Dwyane Wade was listed as number 8. Kevin Durant was recently interviewed by CineSports, where he was asked who he thought was missing from that list and he responded James Harden.

Naturally, he was then asked who he would remove from the list make room for Harden.

Without hesitation, he responded “Dwyane Wade. ” Almost with disgust. Take a look at that video here, via the Palm Beach Post.

Wade caught wind of this Durant interview and posted this note on his Instagram account:


To which Durant responded on Twitter:



I believe the kids also call that sub-tweeting.

In case you’re wondering, the Heat and Thunder play January 29. But I thought these guys were friendly, after sharing this heart-warming Gatorade ad during last season. I guess not.

Also, by doing this, perhaps Wade has ruffled James Harden’s feathers a bit as he can easily view that as a slight.

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  1. Kobe better be on that list.

  2. I’m not sure Harden is better but lets look at Wade’s history compare to Harden. Harden carried Houston, Lebron carried Wade. Wade gets praises when Lebron wins. Wade two championships consist of Shaq and Lebron. On second thought, Wade doesn’t belong in the top 10 when your success comes from Shaq and Lebron.

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