NFL — 25 September 2013
Cam Newton Has Committed a Uniform Violation His Entire Career and the NFL Hasn’t Noticed

We all know that the NFL doesn’t mess around when it comes to players wearing anything other than Nike, their official outfitter. Just ask Robert Griffin III who has been fined twice in his young career for wearing adidas apparel.

However, Forbes has dug up a gem. Apparently, Cam Newton has been wearing tiny black clips on his face mask/visor with the Under Armour logo on it. Now that I see the above image courtesy of Forbes (click to enlarge), I can definitely remember seeing those clips, but never gave it a second thought.

In the same report, Forbes suggests Cam has been wearing those his entire career and was never penalized for it. That’s probably because the league didn’t notice. Until now. Will he be retroactively fined?

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  1. He should be told by the coach to take them off or he should take them off before the NFL sees them and Forbes should have to pay the fine did Forbes have nothing else to do except spy on players ‘COM ON MAN?????

  2. Why are you just saying it’s Cam. Players throughout the NFL have been doing the same thing.

  3. WAR EAGLE Cam keep wearing it also he wears UA shoes how does the NFL feel about that

  4. Forbes- that tattle tale red-head kid in school that would always get a kick to the junk when the teacher wasn’t looking.

  5. The NFL is Nazi Germany. If you are not a Nike wearer, you are the enemy of the state.

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