NFL — 14 August 2013
Video: Robert Griffin III Claims His Words Have Been “Twisted” Regarding Shanahan (No They Weren’t)

Robert Griffin III is widely perceived as a guy who can do no wrong. But make no mistake about it: this offseason, he’s been talking too much. Way too much.

Griffin has been dying to prove to everyone that he’s fully recovered from his torn ACL, and should be ready to go week 1. However, in doing so, he won’t shut up about it.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has made it clear that he’s going to ease Griffin along in his recovery, and when asked about that on Monday, Griffin did what he’s been doing lately: he said too much:

“I can’t B.S. that answer. No, I don’t like it,” Griffin said when asked about his rehabilitation timetable. While Griffin said he understands “some part” of Shanahan’s plan, “I don’t understand all of it.”


That created a bit of a fire storm, because that can be interpreted as Griffin and Shanahan not being on the same page. There was no need for Griffin to be honest. It would’ve been in his best interest to “B.S.” the answer because look what happened.

As result of that, he felt the need to clarify he statements the following day, and even said he words were “twisted.” No they weren’t, Robert. No they weren’t. That’s what you said. Just keep quiet and practice.

H/T: CSN Washington


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